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"I swear to God I've never seen an actress like this. She's Mick Jagger plus Marilyn Monroe."
-- Courtney Love, USA Today, September 19 2002

Robin Johnson was born May 29, 1964, and grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn. One day when she was 15, sneaking a Kool on the steps of Brooklyn Technical High School, a man (who has never since been identified) came up to her, told her she'd be perfect for the lead in a movie he was helping to cast, and gave her a card with the address for auditions. She promptly forgot about it. Several days later, she found the card again, and figuring "what the hell" went to the audition...

The Robin Johnson filmography.
Yeah, it's pretty much the same as the Site Map and "The Works" on the menu above. Bite me.

   1980: Times Square 
1983: Baby It's You
1984: Splitz
Guiding Light (tv)
1985: Miami Vice (tv)
Code Name: Foxfire (tv)
After Hours
1988: D.O.A.
Guiding Light (tv)
Film Review, February 1986: Where's Robin Johnson?  Film Review Feb 986 p 46 Lies! All lies! (well mostly lies)

The page for Robin Johnson used to be a good place to start for some basic biographical info, mostly because I was the official editor for her page there. However, when they changed to, I lost control of the page, and it's slowly filling up with incorrect information. For instance: This Robin Johnson was not a 7th place finalist on the first season of New Zealand Idol. And if anyone has any proof at all that she was on Guiding Light on Sept. 23, 2005, PLEASE send it to me. 'Cause there isn't any. Didn't happen.

(of a sort)

I've finally got the pages of her poetry up. They're here. You'll need Adobe Reader to see them. I'll post just the text in a bit, that should be a little easier to read, but I wanted everyone to see the actual pages. I hope your expectations haven't been blown up out of all proportion by how long this has taken.

The message board has been upgraded. All the old messages should still be there. It's REALLY UGLY right now, but at least it works (I hope), and eventually I should be able to pretty it up some. It's here. Next, I'm going to prune the next item, which claims to be first, but is now about two years old.

First: I met Billy Mernit at KGB Bar on May 7, and got an autographed copy of his novel
which is really good, and everybody should buy a copy and read it, or failing that go to your local library and read it.

He's a really nice and funny guy... If you don't know why I'm talking about him here, it's because, way back when, he was one of the Blondells. If you don't know what that means, you're on the wrong website, Jack.

Second: Thanks to Chris in Belgium, I now have all the episodes of Code Name: Foxfire, so I'll be focusing on assembling those into some form I can share with yez, and posting more clips, hopefully in a more modern format, on the CNF page.

Third, Robin's co-star from An Unhappy Woman, "the wonderfully understated Richard Ruyle," has very graciously sent me a bunch of stuff documenting their run of the play, and I've just managed to digitize it and am presently trying to get it in a postable form.

And, I hope soon to get to the big backlog of Times Square stuff I continue to collect... starting with a description of the screening two Novembers ago (hokey smoke) at the San Francisco LGBT Center (sorry, sorry Ondine!).

If anybody cares, I've been neglecting this site because I lost my job, and I started grad school, and that's left me without a whole lotta free time. But, they've also given me some new perspective on what's important to me, and one of those things is this site and the loose little community that's grown up around it. So, I went away for a while, now I'm back. And that reminds me, I gotta go pay the hosting and domain name name fees now...

What's this site doing here anyhow?

So, in 1980, I went to see this film Times Square, because Tim Curry was in it, and it had something to do with punk rock. The movie starts, and out of this crowd scene comes a girl in a leather jacket, with a funny stiff-legged walk like she's been walking for miles already, dragging a beat-up Kent Strat-copy guitar behind her... yadda yadda yadda, twenty-three years later I give up looking for a website like this and do it myself.

And let's get this out of the way right now. I don't know Robin Johnson, I have never met Robin Johnson, I can't forward anyone's email to her. This site is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Robin Johnson, and the moment I hear from her (or, god forbid, her attorneys) asking me to cut it out, I will gladly sign over the domain name to her and sink back into the depths of the shellac whence I came.

Incidentally, the moment this becomes work, I'm outta here. So I'll need some encouragement.
There are only maybe three email addresses to this domain that will work. One of them is jd AT robinjohnson DOT net. I'm not going to publish any clickable mailto links because that's an invitation for spam. That email address again is
jd AT robinjohnson DOT net

Meanwhile, if you got somethin' ta say, I got a message board here.

There's also a Yahoo! discussion group:

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