Robin Johnson as Joann Tassetori

Okay, so after two years in RSO development limbo, she gets out of the contract somehow and gets this small role in Baby It's You, John Sayles' tale of a nice Joisey goil who falls in wit a bad crowd.

Jill (Rosanna Arquette) falls for The Sheik (Vincent Spano), a a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, who teaches her to come out of her shell and live dangerously. (Sound familiar?) But by graduation day, she decides she doesn't want to live *that* dangerously, goes to college, grows up, and leaves him behind. But he can't leave her...

Where does Our Heroine fit in? Well, Sheik has this friend Rat, who's even more of a badass. How do we know he's a badass? First, he drives the Ratmobile... and second, his girlfriend is Joann Tassetori (Robin Johnson). Joann's a former schoolmate of Jill's, who's long since been transferred to another school, we can only imagine why.

You wouldn't believe what he's got under his hood

She's in one brief scene, about 18-20 minutes in. It's been three years since we saw her last, and her first line is, "You don't remember me...?"

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