Robin Johnson in After Hours

After Hours is arguably the best movie in her filmography. A top-notch director, a world-class cast, a tight and witty script... After Hours is a terrific Kafka-esque dark comedy, telling the story of a straightlaced office worker who gets trapped for a night in the insanity that is New York City's Soho area.

Sadly, it also features the smallest part Robin Johnson ever appeared in onscreen. She has no lines, no name even... she's in one scene, in two shots, approximately twenty seconds of footage... she doesn't even get to exit; her disappearance is covered by the sound of a creaking door, and the careful placement of Griffin Dunne's head.

Robin Johnson is PUNK GIRL in After Hours

It is a perfect bit of casting... who else better in 1985 to play the Punk Girl than Robin Johnson? It's just a shame she didn't really get to do anything in the role. Apart from make a fantastic entrance.

I know what you're thinkin'... "I've seen After Hours, and Robin Johnson ain't in it!" Well, you musta blinked, Slick, 'cause I got proof here... that's right, check out fer yerself

(This does not mean you can get away with never watching the entire film, ya lowlife.)

After Hours is currently available on DVD.

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