Robin Johnson returns to Guiding Light as Darcy Dekker, 1988

I'd thought DOA was her last onscreen appearance. I was wrong.

Our friend SisterDebMac from the message board supplied me with evidence she'd videotaped herself, so it's only fair to let her explain:

"In 1988, Darcy came back to Springfield, having been released from prison on good behavior (?!?). She was reformed and working as a drug counselor. THAT VOICE was gone, replaced by an almost-Cookie, not quite broadcast-ready voice. She was only on for a tiny time, maybe a week. Mostly she made nicey-nice with her old enemies. A hoot for GL '84 fans, but I doubt too many people even knew who the hell she was. To me, it was inexplicably strange, but really fun. Especially when she put on an apron and pitched in at Company. WTF?!? I have no idea what TPTB at GL were thinking but bless their bony little hearts for doing it."

I disagree ever so slightly with one part of Deb's assessment: the Voice is still mostly there, but it's a bit more nasal and the Accent is gone. Robin's effortless performance brings to life a Darcy who uses her strength to force people to confront themselves rather than try to force them to do what she wants, and watching her you don't question that this is that violent delinquent grown up.

SoapCentral's Who's Who page for Darcy summarizes her 1988 reappearance this way:

In 1988, Darcy appeared back in Springfield for a short while. She had since straightened out her life and became a drug counselor and was in Springfield for a seminar at Cedars Hospital. After becoming reacquainted with Lillian Raines and Mindy Lewis, and providing help for addict Rose McLaren, Darcy went back to Chicago.

Sadly, since she was on for so short a time, she didn't get all the nifty costume and hairstyle changes she got four years earlier...

Robin Johnson returns as Darcy in Guiding Light 1988 Robin Johnson returns as Darcy in Guiding Light 1988

So, this one week or so of afternoon TV was her last onscreen appearance... which raises the question... why?

Robin Johnson returns as Darcy in Guiding Light 1988

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