This picture ran in an Australian publication in 1981. I think. It was cut out and pasted to a page by an Australian autograph collector, so I don't know where it came from or what's on the back. The page also contained a brief handwritten biography that mentioned her two upcoming RSO projects.

Robin Johnson, from an unidentified Australian magazine

Coincidentally, the Times Square screenplay contains a scene with Nicky in a detention room behind a two-way mirror. It wasn't filmed, as far as I know, but it might have looked like this. In fact, I'm sure it looked like this. That's the wig and shirt from the beginning of the film... why would they dress her like that for a publicity still that didn't have anything to do with the film? I bet the detention room scene was shot and it got cut and, like everything else that got cut, lost forever. A shame... since Nicky in the beginning of the movie is drastically different from the script's Nicky, we'll never know what Robin did with the scene...

There was something else pasted to that page:

Robin Johnson's autograph, signed in Adelaide, Australia, 1981

(That's right, I bought her autograph, from a dealer. Well, what was I sposed ta do? What would you have done?)

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