As of at least September 1995, she was living in Los Angeles, engaged to be married, and mostly unaware of the continuing interest in Times Square. She was also working as a traffic reporter for KFWB-AM. 1

Something happened in 1997...
(Thank you Binky for the lead.)

Also in 1997, the following picture appeared on the KFWB-AM website, titled "KFWB traffic on the ones crew:"

KFWB traffic on the ones crew 1997
(check the third from the left...)

Elsewhere on the site, there was a page that looked like this:
The page at KFWB, 1997

In 1998, the KFWB website was redesigned, and the picture above was replaced with this one, which currently resides in several places on the Web.. and here it is again:
KFWB publicity headshot

For a short while, this appeared along with the photo.
(Thanks as always to Binky for saving this tidbit.)
                      BIRTHPLACE: Brooklyn, NY
                      FAMILY INFO: Single, no children

                      FIRST JOB IN THE BUSINESS:

                      Production at KXEZ (98.7 FM) and
                      Fri./Sat. overnight traffic at KFWB.

                      WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO GET
                      INTO THE NEWS BUSINESS?

                      Machoism mostly. Seriously, I just
                      can't keep a good story to myself and
                      consider all news a public service.

                      DURING YOUR CAREER AT KFWB,
                      WHAT NEWS STORY OR EVENT IS
                      THE MOST MEMORABLE AND WHY?

                      1994 Northridge quake.

                      YOU'D BE SURPRISED TO KNOW:

                      That discussing your idea of God is my
                      favorite thing to do. I am a
                      poet and award-winning thespian.

Robin Johnson Agency 2000 Head shot?
As of at least October 1999, she was a client of Agency 2000 Management (which still exists), which listed her on (which does not). She was ID# F237, and this may have been her headshot.

Image from the Binky Collection.

I've heard from people who say they've heard that she left radio over a year ago. I can confirm that she was still on their posted schedule as of August 2003... but now (September 2003) she's gone, along with her picture. The "Where Are They Now?" section of, as of August said she works for Shadow Traffic; now her entry is in the past tense.

Are we headed for a new Dark Ages?

Have You Seen Me?

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