"Remember when we said there was no future? Well, this is it."
-- Blank Reg, Max Headroom

Q: Where is Robin Johnson now?

A: I don't know.

Sorry, slick. Better luck next time.

Well, whaddaya know. Turns out, she's still in California, living happily, quietly, and privately with her boyfriend -- sorry girls ;) .

A relative of hers stumbled across the Yahoo group in early 2009, which led her to this site, where wouldn't you know it I had Robin's birthday wrong. She corrected me, and when I found independent confirmation (I'd made a typo years ago, which then was copied all across the Web), well, Aunt JJ was so overwhelmed by outpouring of affection for her neice from our little community that she wasted no time bringing it to Robin's attention.

Robin herself is, let's say, less than an expert with computers, and is also a bit hesitant to make any sort of direct public contact. She's retired from acting, radio, poetry... and whatever she is doing now, well, that's her business. She is, however, genuinely touched by the number of us who remember with affection parts of her life she herself can barely recall, and who feel that her work changed our lives in some way great or small. That's why she shared with us some of her poetry... a few scattered pages she hadn't thought of in ages, just what she could find.

There may be more, there may not... but the mystery is solved. Well, part of it anyway. She stopped doing the things we heard about, because she was done with them.

So, as I'm always saying, now I'll concentrate on redesigning this site and posting the metric ton of material I've accumulated in the last few years. The future may be sparse, the past is very very deep. The rest of this page is no longer truly relevant, but I'm leaving here for the moment while I decide what to do with it.

Last Confirmed Sighting:
The November 6, 2003 Sonoma County Writer's Night at the Seaweed Café in Bodega Bay, California, featured five local writers reading their prose and poetry. One of those writers was named Robin Johnson. J.S., friend of the site, , was an eyewitness:

"That was her. I was living in No Cal (Petaluma) then and was a frequent visitor to writers' nights and such and I saw the name Robin Johnson on an announcement and went to check it out. It was her. She was very nice and personable, but she didn't have much to say about Times Square. Can you blame her?"

So what's next? How the hell am I supposed to know? It's not like I'm getting hourly updates beamed to my cell phone or nothin'...

What would I like to have happen? Well, most of my best ideas suffer from a fatal flaw... like, we collect a whole bunch of money, enough to buy her out of her RSO contract in 1981, and go back in time and... what? Okay, then, we find out what bank she was working in '82, and I go back in time with a bouquet of flowers and two tickets to see the Clash and... huh? Oh...

I guess what I feel cheated out of most, is the Album. C'mon, you know that if RSO had actually done something as far as managing her career, one of the things we would have gotten is The Robin Johnson Album. I know I woulda bought it. In fact, at one point I heard a rumor there was one coming out, and I wasted several trips to record stores looking for it...

But I still want it. In fact, I will donate my time and services to produce and record it. All she'd have to do is come in and sing. (Of course, if she wanted more creative involvement, that'd be great.) Why me? Well, why not me? Especially since my motives are Artistically Pure: unlike a producer such as, oh, Robert Stigwood, making an album to appeal to a big enough audience to turn some sort of profit is not a priority of any kind (although that would be great too); I only want to help her make the best album I possibly can, so I myself can listen to it.

So that's my dream. That, and suddenly being a position to cast the female lead of a big-budget action movie. Oh well.

I guess I'll try to get back to my own music now. I'll let ya know if anything happens.

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